YAY! New update!

2012-03-17 17:41:51 by Maxxchu

Well, there's a new update that has come and gone (techincally, because it's still here) and it turns out it looks EPIC!
I would of posted sooner but I wanted to switch this to my second email (which is for social networks) and after a while got put deep in mail (from the stupid Hotmail(TM) calender) and lost, so after that I was stupid enough to not search for it... *grumble* ... *sigh*. Well, anyways you don't want to listen ramble on about my email, do you? (seriously, do you? answer in the comments! (P.S. I will bet you fifty bucks that most will say no (that was a joke))) But seriously, i'm starting to make a mix of a LMFAO Sexy & I Know It Parody! (more info later), and starting a few Projects. It's going to be great!!! To find out more go to my Twitter page! Also email me at my social email.Now here's one of my most POPULAR videos!!!

And later, a cool picture!


2011-07-12 21:03:15 by Maxxchu

FINALLY! Another Blog Post Time!!1!!!

So Stealing the Diamond is out!
Also, Reimagene :the game:
Check out Shop Empire,Warriors of the Portal and Pothead Zombeiiiiis if you haven't.... yet.

So, Are you exited for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2???????!!!!!!!! Are you going to watch it in theaters, on your 3-D TV or just normally at home? Answer in the comments! Also checkout this channel, DudeLikeHella! He vlogs. also here's his main, youtube.com/smpfilms

CHECK dem out!


Review for INCEPTION

2011-03-13 18:50:30 by Maxxchu

Review for Inception
10/10 i would rate Rating 10+ Sci-Fi

Comments:this stars a person that got washed up on shore called Dom Cobb (Lenardo DiCaprio). the main idea is to plant an <strike>idea</strike> seed to grow into an idea in a person's head.to do that the have to go deep into dreaming state. While in the dreams Cobb gets to see his crazy wife, Mia. I suggest this to everybody!


2011-01-15 21:29:51 by Maxxchu

You Guys! guess what!

my name is Maxxchu on thEre so... HERE'S THE LINK!!!
http://www.bored.com/u/Maxxchu#newsfee d


2010-12-30 16:14:55 by Maxxchu

just posted for a random reason.
well i got for christmas Tron Sam Flynn Deluxe AF, Cuponk,CJ-Cards tin, a wallet,Tron old cards,Old pokemon cards, and others.

And i bought A tron legacy identity disc :sam flynn.

See ya!

Merry Christmas!!!

2010-12-24 14:15:34 by Maxxchu

Hooray! !!!!! Christmas!!!! so EPIC no school, no work ,All Video games , online and other stuff!!!!!

Now soon i will make my first ANIMATION!!! it will be claymation though, sadly. That's all.

SEE YA!!!!

1st Blog (remade)

2010-09-28 16:54:35 by Maxxchu

Yo people who like Maxxchu!, Im also on Kongregate (Zapmanpokemaster),email (Maxxchu (ymail user)),Xtranormal (Maxxchu), Twitter (LMaxxchu) ,Youtube (Maxxchu) , AIM (Maxxchu@aim.com) and Windows Live (Maxxchu@hotmail.com). I love Pokemon, Bakugan and Chaotic. Soon have pivot 3!

Maxxchu's Blog


Here's My Picture of My Card.

1st Blog (remade)

600 alredy?

2010-09-24 18:52:40 by Maxxchu

yay 600 points in one day! sweet! play the game called replaying the game (thats right i advertise.)


2010-09-24 17:04:20 by Maxxchu

Yay!, Maxxchu is on Newgrounds now! Go onto you Youtube and subscribe! Are you done yet?
How bout now? Oh youre done? GOOD!

:) bye!