Entry #9

YAY! New update!

2012-03-17 17:41:51 by Maxxchu

Well, there's a new update that has come and gone (techincally, because it's still here) and it turns out it looks EPIC!
I would of posted sooner but I wanted to switch this to my second email (which is for social networks) and after a while got put deep in mail (from the stupid Hotmail(TM) calender) and lost, so after that I was stupid enough to not search for it... *grumble* ... *sigh*. Well, anyways you don't want to listen ramble on about my email, do you? (seriously, do you? answer in the comments! (P.S. I will bet you fifty bucks that most will say no (that was a joke))) But seriously, i'm starting to make a mix of a LMFAO Sexy & I Know It Parody! (more info later), and starting a few Projects. It's going to be great!!! To find out more go to my Twitter page! Also email me at my social email.Now here's one of my most POPULAR videos!!!

And later, a cool picture!


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